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  • Working together to make banking better

    As the umbrella body of the commercial banks licensed under the Banking Act, with a current membership of all Banks in Malawi….

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  • Driving innovation and technology

    Over the years, Malawi’s banking sector has continually raised the bar in terms of innovation and technology use. Serving a…

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Our Mission is ‘To foster transparency, encourage debate, good governance and best international practice in the banking industry, thereby ensuring public confidence.’


Welcome to Bankers Association of Malawi

The Bankers Association of Malawi (BAM) was founded in 1997 and is the trade association of nine commercial banks and one discount house licensed under the Banking Act 1989. Its main objective is to coordinate the efforts of the banking industry, and to share a common vision of progress and development with its members. BAM aims at promotion, protection, representation and development of the professional and business interests of its member banks. The Association currently consists of ten members that are all engaged in the provision of banking facilities and other financial services in Malawi. The current members include; First Merchant Bank, NBS Bank, National Bank of Malawi, Standard Bank, Ecobank, Nedbank, New Finance Bank, CDH Investment Bank First Discount House and FDH Bank...

Our Objectives

1Providing a forum for consideration of matters of policy and mutual interest concerning the activities of its members,

2Acting as a medium for communication with the Malawi Government, the RBM, the committee of the MSE, other public bodies, etc

3Conveying the views of members on matters affecting their activities.

4Dealing with, advance and promote matters of interest to members and to foster co-operation between them

Consumer Information

Get all the consumer information you need.

The Banking Industry has developed a Code for Good Banking Practice, which is administered by an independent Banking Ombudsman. The industry is fully committed to empowering consumers to understand their rights and obligations. This section provides relevant information to consumers to enable them to exercise such rights and obligations..

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